See One … Do Some … Teach Many

Saturday, December 12, 2015

figure_pointing_out_chart_data_150_wht_8005Most of the time we are not aware of what is possible.

We live in a world dominated by blissful ignorance.

And we tolerate poor quality services by lowering our expectation.

And then one day we get a shock …

… we have an experience that disproves our hypothesis of impossibility. Just one. One is enough.

And our usual reaction is then some form of denial.

Usually we say “That is not true, it’s a fluke!” or we say “That is OK for you but I could never do it.”

But not always.  Sometimes we say “Can you show me another example and show me how to do it?”

And then we try ourselves … and then we get another shock.  It actually works! We can do it.

So now we are engaged … and when we try again, we make a right fist of it.  Another shock!  We need to “do some”. Practice makes perfect … if we do enough of it.

So we do … easier examples at  first then progressively more challenging ones.

We improve progressively … we progress … we develop know how … we develop competence … we develop confidence … and we start to grow a reputation.

And soon we are rewarded by being invited to teach others what we know.

And then we get another shock … the biggest of all … we no longer know how we are doing it … we have practiced so much and for so long that it has become second nature.

This is the toughest stage of all and this is where we learn the most.

When we teach others what is second nature to us … we learn more than they do.

10% of learning is in seeing others do it .

20% of learning is in doing it ourselves.

70% of learning is in teaching and coaching others to learn how to do it.

See One – Do Some – Teach Many.

That is how capability diffuses.