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The JOIS Editorial Board

Dr Simon R Dodds MA, MS, FRCS. Editor, Consultant Surgeon, Health Care Systems Engineer and Co-Founder.

Dr Kate M Silvester BSc, MBA, FRCOphth. Health Care Systems Engineer and Co-Founder.

Mr Davis Balestracci Jr., MS. Statistical Advisor. (website)

The JOIS Publisher

Published by ImprovementScience.co.uk, Birmingham, England.

Only available as an on-line electronic journal.

The JOIS International Standard Serial Number

ISSN 2054-6629

The JOIS Charter

  1. JOIS is for sharing essays related to any aspect of the Science of Improvement.
  2. Readers must be Registered to download published essays, offer feedback and submit new essays.
  3. Essays require a declaration of originality by the first-named Author.
  4. Essays require at least one Sponsor to proceed.
  5. The role of the Sponsor(s) is to assist the Author(s) to develop the essay to an acceptable quality standard.
  6. Published essays remain the copyright of the first-named Author.
  7. The first-named Author of a published essay is eligible to Sponsor submitted essays within their scope of expertise.
  8. Published essays are ranked according to number of downloads.
  9. The first-named Author can modify and re-submit an essay as a updated version.
  10. In the event of disagreement the decision of the Editorial Board will be binding.
  11. This Charter is subject to change without notice.

The JOIS Publication Process

  1. The Author(s) of a new essay register as Readers.
  2. The Author(s) prepare a first draft title, abstract, keywords, co-authors, content, and reference list.
  3. The first-named Author emails the first draft to the Editor.
  4. The keywords provided will be used to invite appropriate Sponsors.
  5. One or more Sponsors must volunteer to assist the Author(s) with the development of the essay.
  6. The Sponsor(s) and Author(s) will communicate directly to complete the essay.
  7. The final version of the essay is emailed to the Editor in Word format by the first-named Author.
  8. The essay is assigned an unique reference, a version number, added to the database and published on-line.
  9. The first-named Author is then invited to join the community of Sponsors.
  10. The published essay can be downloaded by registered Readers.
  11. The published essay can be withdrawn or amended and re-published by the first-named Author.
  12. This process is subject to change without notice.

The JOIS Pledge

  1. JOIS pledges to respect and protect the ownership of published work.
  2. JOIS pledges to encourage the highest quality of published work.
  3. JOIS pledges to keep all personal data secure and confidential.
  4. JOIS pledges to never share any personal data with any third party.

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