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1Jones C et al.Improving the Delivery of Chemotherapy: Part 6. Using Complex Physical System Modelling and Re-Design to Restore the Calm20196222Published
2Jones C.Improving the Delivery Model for Chemotherapy: Part 5. Collecting the Data Needed to Diagnose the Flow Constraints using eleGANTT® Technology20196019Published
3Jones C et al.Planning the Appointment Slot-Capacity for an Urgent Suspected Cancer Clinic: Part 120185219Published
4Kidd P et al.Impact of Pharmacist Clerking on Right-First-Time Admission Prescribing in an Acute Medicine Unit20195913Published
5Hart A et al.Improving Ambulatory Care in a Large Tertiary Emergency Department20195522Published
6Silvester K et al.Introducing eleGANTT®: An Automated Tool for Real-Time Diagnosis of the Constraints in Ophthalmology Clinics20195415Published
7Dowdall M.6M Design® in Our Hands - Improving Paediatric Ophthalmology In-Clinic Flow20195317Published
8Jones C et al.Practical Application of Improvement Science to Visualise the Queues and Flows within Radiology20174821Published
9Ingham P et al.Sutton Coldfield Unplanned Admission Avoidance in the Elderly Project20173926Published
10Dodds S.Learning Anti-Chaos Design in Emergency Flow20163214Published
11Jones C et al.Practical Application of Improvement Science Within the Radiology Urgent Suspected Cancer Diagnostic Pathway20174923Published
12Jones C.Improving the Delivery Model for Chemotherapy as part of a Stream-Level Service Redesign using 6M Design®. Part 3: Authorisation and Blood Bikes20163731Published
13Fullerton K.Theory of Constraints and 6M Design® Applied to a Virtual Scenario20174126Published
14Dodds S et al.The Emergency Pathway Horned Gaussian2012115Published
15Williams L et al.Mapping and Measuring a Gastroenterology Clinic. Part 1: Understanding the Chaos20185126Published
16Davidge M.Calming the Clinic - Part 1: Diagnosing the Problem20164017Published
17Jones C.Maintaining the Momentum of Medicines: A Pharmacy Service Redesign Using the A3 Problem Solving Process as a Remedy for the Ills of Patient Flow20152040Published
18Silvester K.Learning with the Labs20152230Published
19Dodds S.Seven-Day versus Five-Day Flow-Capacity20152430Published
20Pudney D.Removing Chaos within an Outpatient Clinic Setting20174218Published
21Simcox J.Intervening into Personal and Organisational Systems by Powerfully Leading and Wisely Managing20162928Published
22Wright L.Diagnosing Long Waits in Radiology2017508Published
23Roberts H et al.Finding the Constraints in an Ophthalmology Clinic20174521Published
24Jones A.Pharmacy Chemotherapy Capacity Scheduling20174724Published
25Jones C.Improving the Delivery Model for Chemotherapy as part of a Stream-Level Service Redesign using 6M Design®. Part 2: Phlebotomy20163123Published
26Dodds S et al.Theatre Productivity Improvement using 6M Design®2013820Published
27Adams A.Diagnosing Flow Constraints in a Fast Track Glaucoma Clinic20196110Published
28Silvester K.Diagnosing the Flow Constraint in an Endoscopy Service. Part 1: Recognising and Avoiding the Data Query Trap20163823Published
29Dodds S.A Study of the Relative Value of Different Time-Series Charts for Proactive Process Monitoring2012315Published
30Jones C.Improving the Delivery of Chemotherapy as part of a Stream-level Service Redesign using 6M Design®. Part 1: Manufacturing 20162717Published
31Dodds S.A Case Study of a Successful One-Stop Clinic Schedule Design using Formal Methods 2012613Published
32Pirie E.Personal Experience of Learning Improvement Science and Application of this to a Fracture Clinic Example 20152314Published
33Simcox J.Is Your Improvement Continu-ous Or Continu-al?20163312Published
34Parmar J.Improving the Delivery Model for Chemotherapy as Part of a Stream-level Service Redesign using 6M Design®. Part 4: Scheduling of Patients on the Chemotherapy Day Unit20174327Published
35Bradley D.Investigating Fractured Flow from Orthopaedics to Rehabilitation20162816Published
36Dodds S.A Case Study of Improvement in the Quality and Productivity of a Surgical Service20131111Published
37Debenham P.Improving Clinical Team Briefing using 6M Design®20152518Published
38Simcox J et al.Good Science, an antidote to Ben Goldacre's "bad science"20152128Published
39Simcox J.Managerial Leadership: Five Action-logics Viewed via Two Developmental Lenses20163021Published
40Dodds S.A Study of Productivity Improvement Tactics using a Two-Stream Production System Model2012418Published
41Dodds S.A Case Study of Reducing Surgical Site Infection (SSI) using a Bundle of Care Model and the Science of Improvement Method20141824Published
42Silvester K.Implementing Endoscopy Pre-Assessment: Part 220163619Published
43Pope R.Implementing Endoscopy Pre-Assessment: Part 120163517Published
44Dodds S.A Case Study of Using Time-Series Analysis to Detect Positive Deviance2012714Published
45Wikner M.Quality Improvement in Anaesthesia and Analgesia for Total Knee Arthroplasty using 6M Design®20151923Published
46Dodds S.Community Wound Care Service Improvement Guided by a Whole System Simulation Model2012514Published
47Davidge M.Calming the Clinic - Part 2: Designing the Solution20174614Published
48Dodds S.A Clinical Study of the Effect of Communication Process Improvement on the Outcome and Cost of Community Wound Care201227Published
49Kidd P.SafeMedsNow. Delivering a more Effective and Productive System for Medicines-use in a Tertiary Teaching Hospital using 6M Design®20152629Published
50Simcox J.An Information System for the Self-Managing Patient20131432Published
51Churchman W.A Study into Pupil Waiting Times at an Immunisation Session in School20163416Published
52Simcox J.Commissioning for Efficacious Outcomes20131513Published

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